ELIA Air – Channel in a Box

All in one virtualised broadcast TV playout solution

Elia air channel in a box




Virtualised TV playout

 – Channel in a Box –


Software only

Full IP and virtualised integrated solution


Fast and easy to set up


Fits on virtualisation socket and cloud

Conscious of the need for the broadcasters to reduce constantly the operational costs while keeping a high quality level, we show with the ELIA range of Channel in a Box TV playout solutions our know-how regarding reliability and flexibility which few systems can supply and nevertheless essential for a 24/7 operation.

ELIA is the very latest generation of Channel in a Box, a cost effective TV playout solution offering playout automation, ingest, branding and media asset management features, along with a video server.

Fully IP and software only, ELIA Air allows you to get rid of the hardware layer. Installed on a virtual machine, ELIA Air can be integrated either on virtualisation socket or on a private or public cloud.

Without compromises, ELIA Air got the same features as the hardware version ELIA Unity, the brand new automation software PLAY for playout and the media asset management solution FLOW for ingest and preparation of contents.



The state of the art automation

The “PLAY” Client

  • Frame-accurate control of SD/HD channels
  • Playout and branding external live feeds*
  • Import external playlists (CSV)
  • Branding templates
  • Ad quota management*
  • Playout monitoring
  • As Run (CSV)




Media Asset Management

The “FLOW” Client*

  • Video acquisition* & file ingest
  • Content checking*
  • External storage connection*




Broadcast TV Playout

  • Playout and record* SD/HD single or multiple* channels
  • Integrated mixer and automatic SD<>HD conversion
  • Synchronised record*
  • Mixer PVW output*


Branding included

  • 4 layers for branding & DVE (Virtual GPU required*)
  • Supported : Logos, stills & animated pictures, RSS, video……
  • Live branding capability
  • Compatible with Adobe Animated CC
  • HTML5 supported


Full IP

  • INs/OUTs MPEG-TS/NDI & 2110 coming up
  • LTC/NTP/PTP Time reference



A large majority of formats supported

  • Video : MXF, MOV, MPEG, TS, H264, MP4, XDCAM, HD50, …
  • Stills: PNG, JPG, JPEG2000, …

Multilingual Sub-Titling*

OP-47 supported. Multilingual with .STL files

Plug INs VST*

Integration of VST Plug Ins – Normalisation and others.

Think big !

Interface and extend your system, thanks to the farming capability of ELIA



If you need multi channels solution and/or need powerful interfaces while containing your CAPEX, ELIA is the solution.

By building a farm with ELIA and a centralised back office, you may have a system with dozens of channels sharing the same contents.

We also propose a set of powerful interfaces* allowing connections of your applications to the ELIA farm :
• On Air service


Features marked with (*) are optionals

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