Canal Plus – Interfaces MOS (NRCS) & BXF(Traffic)

canal plus




Within the framework of the continuation of its modernization plan begun in 2014, in 2016 the group Canal+ renews its playout center of its Pay TV site « Lumiere ». Already equipped with a system SGT, Canal+ decides to migrate its current DBOS system to a solution VEDA allowing :

  • a simplification of the modes of operation and the technical infrastructures,
  • a reactivity, a flexibility and agility to be able to manage as well sports, stock or premium channels,
  • an evolution capacity and a modernization by going to « all IP », transition to Ultra HD and the possibility of exchanges and interactions between all sub-systems




Canal+ chose SGT and its VEDA range to equip its new playout center with 14 channels. In this project, SGT also guarantees the smooth running of the interfaces with the third party systems (video servers, subtitling, branding) and with proprietary information systems to Canal+ like MIT and Antenne.

VEDA adapts himself to the constraints of operation.

Every channel presents its particularity in terms of programming: a majority of programs of stock, several lives a day with replays on the delayed channels, sports channels or news with many lives. What influences the way of managing everyday the playlist: trimming of lives and re-adjustments, last-minute modifications on sports channels … VEDA offers the necessary flexibility to adapt itself to the characteristics of every channel while keeping a precision and an unconditional reliability.

Specific interfaces between VEDA and the various systems:

  • Interface BXF with the MIT information system of Canal+ which supplies the programs and the editorial information.
  • Interface NRCS with a news system for sports channels allowing the journalists to act directly on the playlist
  • Interface BXF with Antenne which sends the daily playlists: complete playlists for the most part of channels, and ads playlists for sports channels. The ads playlists are automatically merged with the news rundown.
  • Publication of the current playlists to the sub-systems Cavena (subtitling) and Vizrt (Branding) via One Air Services.
  • Interface with the post–production which gives directly the video files to the playout center and to make them available immediately for playout.
  • Interface with the production via the delegate mode: this function allows to subcontract in a mastered way the playout of a part of the playlist to production rooms.




  • VEDA central database: with a witness client for SQL mirroring
  • VEDA media manager: File Ingest, versioning, marking …
  • VEDA automation: 14 channels active/active
  • VEDA Traffic Interface: BXF protocol
  • VEDA On Air Service


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