BeTV – Interoperability





Within the framework of a major upgrade in 2017, BeTV wishes to renew its playout center in service since 1997. This platform will be evolutive and expendable to welcome easily new channels.

In this perspective, BeTV wishes to set up a solution answering the following main objectives:

  • flexibility of the platform to meet the requirements of each channels,
  • opening and interoperability of the solution towards the external systems such as Antenne, Vodoos, TAM,
  • evolution capacities and ease of implementation of new channels.




To meet the needs of BeTV, SGT proposes a solution based on its range VEDA MAM and VEDA automation:

  • developed in product and editor’s logic allowing a fast integration and ease an integration of new features and workflows,
  • a flexible and reactive solution allowing to spread new businesses, new channels and giving many latitudes and independence to BeTV to modify the installed system,
  • a multichannels playout platform open and easily integrable with the external systems ; thanks to its architecture (SOA, BXF services, OnAirService),
  • a secure solution of the playout using a proven Active / Active mode with a database benefiting from the power of the mirorring of Microsoft SQL Server.

Due to its knowledge of the site and its experience in the migration of systems in operation, SGT proposes:

a migration step by step, secure the playout at the time of the toggle to assure a maximal continuity of services,
the cohabitation of both systems during the migration to insure the operational continuity of the system.



  • VEDA central database: database with a witness client for SQL mirroring
  • VEDA media manager: Aquisition, File Ingest, Quakity Check, marking …
  • VEDA automation: 19 channels
  • VEDA Interfaces: BXF, SOA, On Air Services


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