La Chaîne Météo – Playout optimisation

La Chaîne Météo




In 2018, the French weather TV channel “La Chaine Météo” wishes to renew its old TV playout system.

Currently driven by the VEDA100 SGT’s automation, the playout equipment remain the same. Likewise, La Chaine Météo doesn’t want to modify the way they work regarding the files workflows.

The automation must be 100% reliable in order to be “forgetten” by the operators to optimise the controm room operation used also for production.




SGT answers to the request with its VEDA range including MAM (Media Asset Management) features and playlists playout (Automation) in Client/Server mode.

VEDA Automation and VEDA MAM share the same database (SQL SERVER 2017 engine).
The solution can be virtualised, but for the need of the project a physical host unit is proposed.

The system operation by La Chaine Météo is done from:

  • A MAM client for aquisition and file checking through the Preview decoder,
  • An automation client for playlist playout.

The driven equipments by the automation are :

  • Two servers K2 main and backup using the K2 API,
  • A matrix Panacéa with serial link,
  • A matrix Platinum through IP,
  • A branding tool VizTicker with Rest.API VizRT,
  • A branding tool VizTrio with Rest.API VizRT.

The driven equipments by the MAM are:

  • A matrix Panacea to select the record source,
  • SDI encoders for K2 server,
  • K2 Preview decoders for file checking.




  • VEDA Media Asset Management
  • VEDA Automation
  • Interfaces: On Air Service

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