L’Equipe – National TV playout & channel in box




The activities of the national TNT sport channel L’Equipe changed the programming grid and contents. The playout system in place doesn’t answer essentials criterias like:

  • The supervision reactivity,
  • The dynamic branding management,
  • The playout securisation,
  • The integration with Traffic system in place.



In order to answer this need, SGT proposed a solution based on its VEDA range, VEDA Automation and VEDA Channel in a Box, featuring:

  • An integrated management of dynamic branding from the automation client,
  • A flexible and reactive solution to deploy new business, new channels,
  • An open multi-channels platform and easily interfaced with third parties systems like the MAM SAM, the CTS Traffic and Vizrt branding,
  • A secured solution for playout with active/active mode, a proven solution on the market, along a database benefiting from the power of mirroring of Microsoft SQL Server,
  • A video server and branding integrated in the VEDA channel in a Box solution.




  • VEDA Central Database : DataBase with witness station for SQL mirroring.
  • VEDA Automation : 1 active/active channel. With a client/server architecture, VEDA Automation can manage a very large number of channels and is wide open, thanks to its complete offer of Web services.
  • VEDA Channel in a Box : All in one playout server integrated in an off the shelves equipment. Video & branding serveur with multiple options like sub-titling, audio normalisation, it needs no other external equipment to setup a complete TV playout.

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