TV7 Bordeaux – Local TV Station Playout

tv7 bordeaux


The need


TV7 Bordeaux (France) is looking for a turnkey playout solution for their new facilities.


The solution


SGT proposes its VEDA integrated playout solution (channel in a box) allowing:

A costs reduction : The VEDA channel in a box solution reduces operational costs drastically with an all-in-one solution offering all fonctionnaliies of a complete media asset management (MAM) and a powerful broadcast playout automation.

A renowned reliability and versatility : The VEDA software suite is the result of more than 25 years experience and is used by more than 300 TV channels worldwide.


The VEDA channel in a box solution benefits from the reliability of the VEDA automation server and a complete media asset management. VEDA proposes a wide range of features to control, manage and supervise the playout and content. The user interface user is totally customizable.

The VEDA channel in a box solution is particularly adapted to the needs of local and thematic TV channels but can be also used for example to backup premium channels.


Fast and easy to setup

The built-in server is controlled by VEDA automation for the playout and by VEDA media manager for the ingest.
It comes with an off-the-shelf  hardware and requires no external equipment because it is a video, branding and ingest server at the same time.

This all-in-one approach, combined with an industrialized and proved process of implementation, makes the VEDA channel in a box solution simple and fast to deploy.


Watch by yourself  > TV7 Bordeaux Live


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