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In 2012, AB group (Now Mediawan Thematics) wishes to renew its video playout control room and all hardware & software technical equipments to prepare the broadcasting of its TV channels in HD, and anticipate the change of its robotic archive towards a disk archive system.

Already equipped with a system SGT, AB decides to migrate its current DBOS system to a solution VEDA, which articulates around 4 zones:

  • Traffic Interface
  • Acquisition
  • Management of the video files transfer
  • Playout




The AB video control room represents 20 TV channels, to which is added a unit of 4 channels which can serve as help to any main channels. SGT settles a system allowing to make SD and HD live, while insuring the continuity of service of the former control room.

Management SD / HD from the acquisition to playout

In the acquisition, the recording is realized in the native source format. The configuration of the acquisition is done in order to switch the matrix following the source tape format of source to feed correctly the low res and high res encoders. The upconversion is automatic in playout, then a modification of the matrix output format allows to correct the result for elements already existing in the AB system.

Web interfaces Services

Information exchanges between the system SGT and the information systems of AB are made by two Web Services, MOS and SOA.

The MOS interface is a Web Service allowing to manage the acquisition part (requests of recording and purge, referencing of file, notifications ready to playout).
The interface SOA is a Web Service(Department) allowing to manage the playout part (creation of playlists, Asruns).

Data Recovery

AB wishes to get back the entire information concerning the media and the existing materials in its former system DBOS and to reinject them in its new system VEDA.

Two modes of synchronization are set up allowing to begin the operation of a system without stopping it on the other one:

  • A Snapshot mode : all data are extracted at once from a backup realized on the former control room.
  • A Current mode: the data are updated in VEDA according to their creation or modification in DBOS via notifications of the one towards the other one


A sense of honor has been done on security

A system of simultaneous playout is added to the 4 backup channels. Elements are played out in a synchronous way on the SAN K2 3G of the main site and on the standalones K2 3G of the backup site. In case of loss of communication with a port of the SAN K2, VEDA automation realize automatically the switch of the channel concerned on the backup site. The switch can be also started manually by an operator.




  • VEDA Central Database
  • VEDA Media Manager
  • VEDA Automation : 20 + 4 channels
  • VEDA Coding System : for low res encoding
  • Web Services : MOS & SOA


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