Canal Plus – Multi Channels Playout Management

canal plus




In 2012, Canal+ wishes to group within the same control room the playout of its 3 free channels: D8, D17 and iTélé.

In this context, SGT supplies its platform VEDA including:

  • An interface with the information systems of Canal+: antenna and MIT
  • The management of the acquisition and the playout versioning
  • The playout of 3 chains in active/active
  • The interface with the third party systems: subtitling, branding, VOD
  • The interface with the post-production for the last-minute editing
  • Automatic workflows for a simplification of the operation




Canal+ chose SGT and its range VEDA to equip its new playout control room. In this project, SGT also guarantees the smooth running of the interfaces with the third party systems (graphics,servers, subtitling) and with information systems specific to Canal+ (MIT and Antenna). In spite of a tight schedule and complex workflows, the project is a success. Started in June, 2012, D8 and D17 was on air in January, 2013, iTELE in July, 2013.

VEDA adapts himself to the constraints of operation. Each TV channel is different in terms of programming: a majority of video programs of stock on D17, several lives a day over D8 and 18 hours of studio production for iTELE. What influences the way of managing the playlist everyday: lives trimming and adjustments on D8, breaking news and last-minute modifications on iTELE … VEDA offers the necessary flexibility to adapt itself to the characteristics of each TV channel while keeping precision and unconditional reliability.

Specific interfaces organized between VEDA and the various systems:

  • Interface BXF with the MIT information system of Canal+ which supplies the programs and the editorial information.
  • Interface BXF with Antenna which sends the daily playlists: complete playlists for D8 and D17, and ads playlists for iTELE. The ads playlists are automatically merged with the corresponding model in the day of playout.
  • Publication of the current playlists to the sub-systems Cavena (subtitling ) and Vizrt (branding) via One Air Services.
  • Interface with the post–prod which makes available directly in the control room video files without going through MIT. The workflow allows to manage files gone up at the last minute and to return them available immediately in playout, with possibility of “play while transfer”.
  • Interface with the production via delegate mode: this function allows to subcontract in mastered way the playout of a part of the playlist to production control rooms.
  • Automation of the workflow for ultra-fast VOD delivery. VEDA automation allows to schedule an export VOD by the positioning of an EVS on the program line of the concerned program. VEDA realizes the encoding in real time and just like broadcast lives, and prepares the automatic extraction of the inter-programs, by piloting Pipelines of Telestream. The creation on-line delivery of VOD files are made in a totally automatic way.




  • Central VEDA Database with a witness client desk within the framework of mirroring SQL
  • VEDA media manager: Ingest, Quality Check, management of the editorial markers …
  • VEDA automation: 3 chains active/active
  • VEDA Traffic Interface: protocol BXF
  • VEDA One Air Service


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