Arkena – Mutualized Playout & BXF Interfacing





In 2011, for the renewal of its playout center, Cognac Jay Images (now Arkena) looks for an effective and evolutive platform allowing the playout of more than twenty channels for Canal+ group.

The named « Broadway » platform must be able to answer to the following concerns :

  • Playout of thematics channels requiring very competitive prices,
  • Complex dynamic branding workflows,
  • Security and redundancy,
  • Interface with Canal+ group IT systems.




CJI renews its trust in SGT by confiding the implementation of its new mutualized playout center with more than twenty channels. The sensitive issue of this new installation is the BXF interfacing with the new technical infrastructures of Canal+ for the sending of the programs and the playlists.

Multi-channels playout

The performance of VEDA automation allows the management of several channels on the same automation server from an unique client workstation. For Broadway, a single automation engine insures the broadcasting of 10 channels. This efficiency also allows to reduce significantly the costs of operation (OPEX) and maintenance of the system.

A BXF interface with Canal+ information systems

The BXF interface is implemented as Web Services answering the standard SMPTE2021-1-2009 enriched by specificities appropriate to the Canal+ group. The exchanges are made between the MIT/Antenne and the playout control room, and concern two aspects of the implemented workflows: the programs and playlist management.

The opening to the third party systems via On Air Services

SGT proposes to the third party applications, via On Air Services, a view of the playlists for each channel. The Anyware dynamic branding system connects to it to anticipate the broadcasting by preparing several hours in advance its own internal playlists.

Centralized and secured data

VEDA Database centralizes all system data: media, playlists, playout information… the data copy is done by a SQL mirroring. All videos and editorial data are shared and available by all TV channels what avoids the data redundancy and simplifies the operations of maintenance.




  • VEDA Central Database with a witness client for SQL Mirroring
  • VEDA Media Manager : File Ingest, Quality Check, workflow, Purge…
  • VEDA Automation : More than 20 channels active/active
  • VEDA Traffic Interface : BXF interface
  • VEDA On Air Service


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