Azur TV – Channel in a box farming

Azur TV


The need


Within the framework of its expansion, the group AZUR TV wishes to have a playout solution for 3 television channels HD in Nice, Toulon and Marseille (France).


The solution


SGT proposes its solution VEDA channel in a box in farming configuration including 3 VEDA box to answer this request.

The solution includes media asset management (MAM) and broadcast automation features using the software suite VEDA MAM and VEDA automation :

  • Developed in an editor’s real logic and a product to ease the integration of new features and workflows,
  • A flexible and reactive solution to add new channels over time, deploy new businesses,
  • A platform open and easily interfaced with the external third party systems, thanks to its architecture,
  • A secure solution of the playout with a proven active/active mode with a database benefiting from the power of the mirroring of Microsoft SQL Server.

The VEDA software suite includes:

  • A Media Asset Management (VEDA MAM): Media Manager is the latest generation solution to
    manage yoiur media coming in all flavors (Video, stills, asudio, documents) and automate each step of your content processes using the workflows engine.
  • A TV playout automation (VEDA Automation): Using a client/server architecture, the awarded VEDA automation client is able to play an unlimited number of TV channels being open to third parties using a complete web services offer.

The SGT system includes :

  • 3 VEDA Box for playout and ingest one TV channel (2 ingest channels activated).
  • 1 VEDA IPS Server with lsystem database, the MAM software, the workflow engine, the File Ingest feature and the data-mover (VEDA Loader).
  • 1 NAS

Watch by yourself >  Azur TV Live


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