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TV5 monde


Created more than 25 years ago, TV5 broadcasts all over the world more than two hundred hours of programs a day, on every type of medium (satellite, cable, IPTV, mobile).

TV5 enters for a period of renewal of its equipment and its operating contracts, and wishes to be equiped with last tools, adapted to its development, and available on the market. In 2012, TV5 MONDE is interested in the revision of tools and workflows of programs management. The project stands out in 2 lots:

Lot 1 ” Acquisition of equipments and software, support and training” leans on the system VEDA media manager. It concerns the management of the on air programs, the ingest, QC, to the final program delivery.
Lot 2 ” Operation services ” includes the VEDA automation system. It concerns the programs playout.




In this project, SGT set up its products VEDA media manager and VEDA automation by adapting itself totally to the specific requests of TV5 MONDE in terms of technical architecture.

An evolutive multi-channels control room.

SGT set up at TV5 a mutualized control room for 9 channels, all secured active/active. Furthermore, 3 additional channels are dedicated to the contributions towards the partners, and 2 channels assure a complementary reassurance for the whole control room or can be used for the internal tests. These secondary departures also represent channels ready to be used if TV5 decides to add new TV channels.

An SOA interface with the data bus.

The central element of the technical architecture chosen by TV5 is data bus Sygeps, developed by RS2I, by whom transits all the communications between the various systems. Every system exchanges its data with the Bus which takes care to send back the information towards the concerned third party system. SGT thus communicates through this bus in a bidirectional way via its Web SOA services. Its sends the editorial information and the broadcasting information and receives for example requests for creation of media, requests for purge, playlists … This way of functioning allows to set up heterogeneous systems without interactions nor direct impacts with the others.

Two independent systems for more security.

TV5 decided to separate physically the equipments of the Lot 1 and the Lot 2. For that purpose, SGT set up 2 different platforms VEDA with its own database and its back-office and front office tools. The data synchronization is made via the databus. This architecture allows to limit the risks during a manipulation or during an upgrade of the system.

An integrated communications tool: the instant messaging.

To simplify its processes of operation and accelerate its internal communication, TV5 MONDE asks SGT to integrate into its products an instant messaging service, allowing for example to inform about a program delivery or about the arrival of a playlist. This function is organized in the year 2013.




  • VEDA database: 2 different databases for the lot 1 and the lot 2
  • VEDA media manager: Aquisition, File Ingest, Quality Check, Marking …
  • VEDA automation: 14 channels
  • VEDA SOA: interface with data bus


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