• News | October 19

    RTL Croatia entrusts us with the modernization of their broadcast center in High Definition. More information fo follow shortly.

  • News | September 19

    We have the pleasure to announce that our long-time Customer, Canal+ Groupe, has confirmed their trust in VEDA Playout & MAM solutions, which will now serve broadcasting the Group’s premium and live event UHD channels. More information to follow shortly.

  • Events | August 19


    At this year’s IBC, HEXAGLOBE and SGT will be exhibiting together for the first time as HEXAGLOBE Group to showcase the results of our common R&D efforts over the last months. We will unveil a new, entirely virtualized workflow for linear and non-linear broadcast distribution as well as updates to our key products, including the premium VEDA MAM & broadcast playout automation system by SGT and Advanced Replay live video clipping tool by HEXAGLOBE.

    We strongly advise you to book an appointment in order to assure your free demonstration at your chosen time:

  • La Chaine Meteo-actu

    News | December 18

    The brand new control room for the French weather TV channel “La Chaîne Météo” is now on AIR using VEDA Automation & Media Asset Management suite.

    See the case study

  • Equipe-actus

    News | November 18

    The national TNT TV sport channel ” L’Equipe” is now broadcasted from a brand new playout center, the system being equiped with the VEDA automation and VEDA Box solutions.

    See the case study

  • Events | September 18

    SGT unveils its brand new range of Channel in Box TV playout solutions named ELIA.

    It comes in two flavors, the hardware version ELIA Unity and the virtualised one ELIA Air.

  • La-chaine-meteo

    News | July 18

    The French Weather TV channel “La Chaîne Météo” choose SGT & VEDA Automation for the renewal of its playout.

  • RSI VEDA Channel in a box

    News | June 18

    The swiss TV RSI choose to broadcast a second channel using another VEDA Channel in Box solution from SGT.

    It is the second channel in box on air since the first one in 2015.

  • News | September 17

    RTS in Switzerland choose VEDA channel in a box solution in farm configuration including 3 VEDA units.

  • France Television - VEDA Automation & Media asset Management

    News | June 17

    The brand new France Televisions playout center for the french overseas channels in Malakoff has been successfully launched last 21st June.

    The playout center has been modernized with a VEDA Automation & VEDA Media Asset Management platform to welcome 16 channels.

    See the case study

  • Logo Azur TV

    News | March 17

    AZUR TV choose the VEDA channel in a box solution for 3 local TV playout at Nice, Toulon & Marseille in France.

    The system is based on our VEDA integrated playout solution (channel in a box) in farm configuration including 3 VEDA boxes.

    See the case study

  • Logo TV7 Bordeaux

    News | February 17

    Local TV station TV7 Bordeaux (France) choose VEDA integrated playout solution (channel in box) for their new facilities.

    See the case study

  • SGT-at-Gran-Expo-Mexico

    Events | July 16

    VEDA channel in a box solution shown on our partner booth Power House Synergy during Gran Expo Cine Video Television in Mexico 28th June-1stJuly.

    More on our partner Power House Synergy

  • Canal plus Infosport veda automation & Media Asset Management

    News | June 16

    VEDA Automation & Media Asset Management solutions in the heart of news Canal Plus Infosport+ HD Channel launched for the opening of the football Euro 2016 championship.

    See the case study

  • Logo France-Télévisions

    News | May 16

    France Televisions renew his trust in SGT for its new automation system for the french overseas channels in Malakoff.

    The playout center will be modernized with a VEDA Media Asset Management & Automation platform to welcome 16 channels.

    See the case study

  • Logo BeTv

    News | November 15

    BeTV choose one again SGT using VEDA range to renew its playout center.

    The platform starting with 19 channels will be evolutive & expandable to easily add new channels

    See the case study

  • Logo Canal Plus vignette actu

    News | September 15

    Canal Plus Group just renewed his trust in SGT for its new playout automation for pay TV channels.

    The playout center will be modernized with a VEDA platform to welcome first 14 channels (premium, news, stock).

    See the case study

  • News | August 15

    RTL group added a premium channel choosing VEDA Automation

  • News | July 15

    Canal Plus choose once again VEDA Automation to broadcast 3 additionnal premium channels

  • News | June 15

    KPN renewed his trust in VEDA and Mediaflow for a new Disney channel in Belgium Wallonia.

  • News | April 15

    The Mediamap+ (Media Management from Acquisition to Publishing) european project SGT is leading won the 2015 Celtic Excellence Award.

    More on MediaMap+ project

  • News | March 15

    RTL Group chooses SGT Veda Automation solution to launch Pay TV channels in Croatia

    RTL Group’s family of channels in Croatia has just gained three new members- RTL Passion, RTL Crime and RTL Living. The new pay TV channels are now available as part of cable and IPTV packages.

    Read the press article

  • News | June 14

    Partnership between SGT and Harmonic to provide a High-End Channel in a box solution.

    Harmonic / SGT solution allows you to reduce your operational costs through a single package that combines the functionalities of a media management system and a playout automation associated with one of the largest video servers provider. This approach all-in-one, combined with a developed and proven implementation process, makes. It a fast and easy solution to set up.

  • News | June 14

    SGT leads the Celtic-Plus project code name “MediaMap+”: A semantic audio-visual ecosystem

    Media production and publication requires the simultaneous use of digital production output and enterprise resources management. Digital factory involves processes, including projecting, acquisition, authoring, expressing, supporting, archiving, as well as representation modes, like objects, events, and facts.
    MediaMap+ (for Media Management from Acquisition to Publishing) aims at setting up a platform that will fit these needs.


  • News | April 14

    AB reconfirms commitment to SGT to broadcast HD channels.

    Already equiped with SGT, AB decides to migrate his current DBOS system to a VEDA solution.

    See the case study

  • News | July 13

    TV5 MONDE selects SGT to renew its programs workflow management system.

    SGT integrates VEDA Media Manager et VEDA Automation to match the specific technical architecture of TV5 MONDE.

    See the case study

  • News | March 13

    SGT and Active Circle enter OEM agreement.

    Active Circle archive management technology will be integrated in SGT’s VEDA product line.

    See the press release

  • News | January 13

    Canal+ choose SGT and VEDA for its new playout center.

    Canal+ wants to group within the same playout center the broadcast of its 3 free channels : D8, D17 & iTélé.

    See the case study

  • News | August 12

    Cognacq-Jay Images (Now Arkena) renew its trust in SGT to set up its new mutualized playout center for 20 channels.

    The hard point is the BXF interface with the new infrastructure of Canal + to send programs and playlists.

    See the case study

  • News | April 12

    SGT-Vivesta reduces operational cost with new Channel-in-a-Box solution.

    SGT Vivesta acknowledges the need of broadcasters to continuously reduce operational cost and at the same time maintain high levels of reliability and flexibility. Many existing Channel-in-a-Box solutions do not provide the level of reliability and flexibility required in Multi-channel and Live Broadcast environments. This is exactly why many broadcasters still rely on dedicated Multi-channel automation solutions for running their premium channels.

  • News | November 11

    Disney selects SGT Vivesta and KPN Broadcast Services for Multichannel Playout and Video On-Demand services.

    SGT Vivesta, the leading supplier of flexible Media Business management, Media Asset Management and Broadcast automation software today announced that Disney Channels Benelux selected KPN Broadcast Services and SGT Vivesta to provide an end-to-end solution for Traffic and scheduling, MAM and Playout services.

    See the case study

  • News | October 11

    SGT/Vivesta- VOD Solutions for On Demand Group.

    SGT/Vivesta today announced the signing of a major contract with On Demand Group (ODG), providing VOD Scheduling and Management software solutions.

    Read the press release

  • News | July 11

    SGT provides a new playout automation system to Swiss Broadcaster SRF.

    The Swiss broadcast production firm TPC opts for the VEDA solution to be implemented in HD broadcast center in Zurich

    Read the press release

  • News | March 11

    TF1 Group reconfirms commitment to SGT for the evolution of its playout system in Monaco (TMC – NT1).

    With the addition of NT1, broadcast through TMC´s Monaco-based control room, the two TV channels benefit from shared equipment and new features for joint media management.

    Read the press release

  • News | November 10

    Cognacq-Jay Image migrates one of its media management and playout platforms to VEDA.

    Cognacq-Jay Image (now Arkena), a company of the TDF group, has migrated its media management and playout platform to VEDA.

    Read the press release

  • News | May 10

    RTBF was seeking for a multi-channel playout system offering the performance and the flexibility to grow the system without running any risks in terms of systems availability and security.

    Thanks to its Media Management and Automation components, the solution now seamlessly integrates powerful features to adapt the system to the changing needs of the client, and helps to customize the workflows and grow the system securely, at any time.

    See the case study

  • News | January 10

    SGT provide to French automotive group Peugeot a Corporate Media Asset Management.

    Preview GM, a major Broadcast system integrator in France, and SGT Vivesta, a leading supplier of Content- and Business management software in Europe, designed an end-to-end media workflow based on a single content repository for all types of multimedia content.