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VEDA Automation

broadcast TV playout automation solution


VEDA Automation is the broadcast TV playout automation software solution for robust multi-channels playout already used by hundreds of channels in the world. Based on twenty five years experience, the VEDA Automation platform manages local, thematic and premium channels as well as multi-channel playout centers. Its flat design, innovative, friendly, and fully configurable user interface and proven reliability make VEDA one of the best and most versatile broadcast TV video playout automation solution.

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ELIA Unity

Integrated TV Playout Solution

 – Channel in a box –


ELIA Unity is our channel in a box TV playout solution, even more cost effective, and still offering playout automation, ingest, branding and media asset management features, in an all in one robust video server. Integrating the latest technological evolutions like IP INs/OUTs, Elia Unity comes with the brand new automation software PLAY for playout and the media asset management software FLOW. ELIA Unity is proposed from 10K€ for a single TV channel playout and scalable enough to be integrated on multi-channels complex systems, but always at a moderate cost.

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Virtualised TV Playout Solution

 – Channel in a box –


Fully IP and software only, that what ELIA Air is about. Don’t bother with the hardware. Installed on a virtual machine, ELIA Air can be integrated either on virtualisation socket or on a private or public cloud.
Without compromises, ELIA Air got the same features as ELIA Unity, the brand new automation software PLAY for playout and the media asset management solution FLOW.

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Think Big !

Interface and extend your system,
thanks to the farming capabilitity of ELIA

If you need many channels sharing same contents and/or need powerful interfaces like BXF and Service On Air, while containing Capex, ELIA is the solution.



VEDA Media Asset Management



VEDA Media Asset Management (MAM) offers media organizations a fully configurable workflow and media asset management software solution covering the complete media life cycle from content acquisition to archiving and multimedia delivery. The award winning VEDA MAM software is designed to simplify complex tasks and allows organizations to adapt workflows and manage resources & tasks more efficiently.

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