Project Management




SGT, for more than 25 years, realizes the implementation of numerous projects of software integration. These projects of diverse sizes can include from a very few to hundred of client workstations in a technical environment with many third parties.

These projects among which some were complex, led us naturally to set up a methodology of project management within SGT. This strategy of project management aims at an objective of success and a win-win relationship with our customers.

This method adresses the various  difficulties which mark out the life of a project. It reassures our customer on the status and progress of the project. It allows SGT a progress steps by steps, each strengthening the previous ones; it presents the advantage to remind the implication of the customer on the validation milestones.


Project preparation

“No need to rush but start at the right time”​ ​ Jean de La Fontaine (French poet)


​Detailed specifications

The objective is to identify in detail the need for the users, by functional domain. During this phase, we shall list the use cases and business scenarios. Every feature will be modelised to allow a better validation of the need with the users.

The communication and project documentation

Write with the customer the essential documents of the project.

Upon the size of the project, a collaborative Web site shared with the customer using Microsoft Sharepoint on the cloud is set up.

It centralises and allows access 24/7 to the complete project documentation, meetings calendar, reporting, project planning, risks.. so the customer knows exactly the project status in real time so everybody has the exact same level of information.


Project Execution


Developments. The objective of this phase is to develop, to adapt and to parametrize the tool according to the user need, expressed and described in the functional specifications.

​The factory integration consists in preparing in house the system which must be the closest to the one who will be at the customer’s site in order to assemble all applications components,

The factory integration acceptance test (optional) leans on an acceptance book developed in association with the customer made up of unity tests but also businesses scenarios and by a trial set supplied by the customer.

The site integration consists in installing at customer’s site the system prepared previously in factory, in association with the customer. Some configuration steps are done remotly through VPN.

The final acceptance test consists in validating, in association with the project teams of the customer, the smooth running of the application at needs described in the specifications and on the basis of test cases identified and validated with the customer.

The on air migration, phase of real starting up of the use of the application. To secure this phase, SGT proposes an on air assistance of several days/weeks to the customer.

The project closing is accompanied by a wrap up meeting made with the customer to benefit from the experience feedback and improve permanently.