Expertise & Experience

The training must be effective and adapted to your needs. Who better than SGT could help you make the most of your VEDA software?

  • Our professional experience in Broadcasting,
  • Our technical skills and knowledge of your system,
  • A complete set of training modules.

Results you can expect from SGT training:

  • A thorough understanding of your specific VEDA solution,
  • An optimal transition to your new workflow,
  • Practical training for immediate operational benefits.


A practical and personalised training

Depending on your system and your staff, we put together a dedicated programme together. Just like the VEDA architecture, the training programme is build of modules. We categorize the objectives and needs of each participant.


Team training

Training is done in small groups (around 5 persons) in order to:

  • Create a cooperative learning climate,
  • Offer a personalised follow-up,
  • Provide permanent access to the material,
  • Reduce costs.


On site or at SGT

The training will ideally take place at your facilities, on your system or on a specific training platform. If needed, we can host a training at SGT, in our dedicated training room, which will then be configured as your site. In either situation, we can extend our assistance with onsite technical support.


SGT know how

Participants must get immediate operational skills with any training. Our staff’s expertise in both projects and training assures the effectiveness of you education, through experience in the field and practical case studies.


The SGT trainer

  • A dedicated didactic person aiming for satisfaction,
  • An expert in his domain, who has been involved in setting up systems and aware of the daily realities of your work environment.


The training structure

  • A dedicated single contact,
  • Advice and assistance to help you meet your operational objectives,
  • A follow-up of the quality of our services,
  • A guaranteed development of our contents and methods for them to match best practices.



Our training is based on everyday practice. We evaluate regularly to make sure the key knowledge have been acquired by all participants. At the end of each training session, participants fill in a detailed questionnaire to assess the training results.

These surveys are analysed to help us improve the training content and fine tune it in case of multiple sessions.


Training Programs


Operational training is tied to the client’s workflow. We offer a technical description of the system for each participant to understand their contribution to the workflow process and, if needed, to help diagnosing issues that may occur.


The maintenance training thoroughly describes the system’s configuration and operating principles tied to your workflow. A study of diagnosis tools, maintenance procedures and continuity plans. Technical documentation, adapted to your site, is given to each participant for quick reference to procedure details.