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Why using cookies ?

The web site uses tools of analysis of Internet audience allowing the owners of Web sites and applications to understand better the behavior of their users.
These tools use cookies to collect anonymous information and generate reports on the statistics of use of, without the individual users are personally identified by these tools of analysis.
Therefore, by visiting our sites a cookie (small text file) is attributed to you and is stored in the hard disk of your terminal.
We remind to you that only the issuer of a cookie may read or modify information which are contained there.


Your cookies management

You can authorize or refuse the recording of cookies in your terminal with the appropriate parameters of your browser software on the Internet. Every browser being different, you have to verify in the menu “Help” of your browser how to modify the preferences regarding cookies.

If you wish to know more about it on this point, we invite you to consult the advice of use of these parameters, according to the used browser, accessible on the page of the web site of the Commission nationale de l’informatique et des libertés: :


Cookies issued by third parties

We inform you that certain third companies may emit cookies from certain accessible spaces on our site. The broadcast and the use of cookies by these companies are subject to the policies of these companies.

In particular, we may include on our site of IT applications emanating from a third party, which allow you to share contents of our site with other people or to make known to these other people your consultation or your opinion concerning a contents of our site. Such is in particular the case of buttons “Share”, ” I like “, stemming from social networks such as Twitter Facebook, etc.

The social network may identify you thanks to this button, even if you did not use him during your consultation of our site. This type of application button can allow the social network concerned to follow your navigation on our site, only because of the fact that your account to the social network was activated on your terminal (open session) during your navigation on our site.

We have no control over the process used by the social networks to collect information relative to your navigation on our site and associated with the personal data which they have. We invite you to consult the policies of protection of the private life of these social networks to acquaint with purposes of use, in particular advertising, with information of navigation which they can collect thanks to these application buttons. These policies of protection have to allow you to exercise your choices with these social networks, in particular by parametrizing your accounts of use of each of these networks.