Veda Duo – Channel in a box

Evolutive integrated playout solution

veda duo channel in a box



Multi Channels Integrated Playout Solution

(Channel in a box)


Up to 4 TV channels

The all-in-one playout solution with built-in video server

A premium automation

Unique advanced features & User eXperience

An evolutive system

A modular solution matching your most complex needs over time

VEDA Duo is a robust, evolutive and fully integrated broadcast TV playout solution (channel in a box) offering ingest, playout, branding, media asset management (MAM) and automation features, in a 4 channels video server designed for critical 24/7 operations. The internal storage is redundant for maximum security with external extension capability. It is the evolutive multi-channels solution for more complex systems.

The VEDA playout platform used by hundred of premium channels throughout Europe is now available and packaged in a single broadcast playout automation & Media Asset Management solution.

The integrated system approach of VEDA Duo reduces total cost of ownership drastically, offers a complete playout solution in a single server and allows you to reduce time-to-market setting up new channels much faster, but also to match exactly your requirements and be evolutive to you most complex needs.


logo veda farm

One to Many

Extend your system “à la carte”, thanks to the farming capability
of VEDA One & VEDA Duo solutions.


A premium automation

VEDA Automation client

  • Frame-accurate control of a single SD/HD channel
  • Capability to playout an external live feed
  • Creation or import of external playlists
  • Preparation and use of branding templates
  • Ad quota management (option)
  • Playout monitoring


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A powerful Media Asset Management

VEDA Media Asset Management client

  • SDI acquisition and file ingest (option)
  • Content checking (option)
  • Validation and markers
  • Preview


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4 Channels SD/HD Playout

  • Up to 4 Playout/Record SD/HD channels.
  • Integrated mixer and automatic SD<>HD conversion.
  • A preview channel with branding.
  • Control subtitling device & external router by IP (option)
  • Synchronised record (option)


HTML branding

  • 4 layers for branding and DVE
  • Logos, stills and animated pictures, RSS, video…
  • Live branding capability
  • HTML5 supported

Options upon your needs

Sub-titling multi-languages

OP-47 subtitling supported. Multi-languages with .STL files.

Powerful interfaces

BXF, SOA, On Air service. VEDA Duo has built-in interfaces for powerful standard connections with third party systems.

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