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Broadcast Vidéo TV Playout Automation & Media Asset Management (MAM)


The VEDA software suite results from a unique know-how and more than 25 years of experience in workflow automation and video content management. VEDA covers a wide range of applications, from Media Asset Management including SDI and file ingest, technical and editorial validation, workflow automation, to multi-channels Broadcast Video Playout. In addition, the software offers extensive functional coverage as well as collaborative tools.

Thanks to its strong experience, VEDA is the solution for Broadcast Media Asset Management and video automation systems as well as Enterprise Media Asset Management solutions.

VEDA software suite is an easy-to-use and ergonomic solution with a user-friendly, intuitive Graphical User Interface. It is customizable, offers an efficient search tool, and uses both low and high-resolution video for ingest and consultation tasks.



Scalability & Interoperability

Today, interoperability of different technical sub-systems is a top priority for TV channels. With the use of open formats such as XML, MXF, BXF and the use of Web Services-type interfaces (SOA), global integration becomes easier in a heterogeneous environment.

Through Web Services and its modular architecture, the VEDA software suite is open and communicates with other third-party systems (traffic management, transmission management, post-production systems, News Room Computer Systems…) and hardware equipment. It is built on a standard IT platform, which ensures upgradability and interoperability. VEDA can be customized to address customer requirements.

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