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VEDA Automation


Broadcast Video TV Playout Automation


A fast & intuitive user interface

An unique User eXperience awarded by operators worldwide

A robust & powerful automation

A proven efficiency from ingest to playout

An open & evolutive solution

interface any device and third party systems


VEDA Automation is the broadcast TV playout automation software solution for robust multi-channels playout already used by hundreds of channels in the world.

Based on 25 years experience, the VEDA Automation platform manages local, thematic and premium channels as well as multi-channel playout centers.

Its flat design, innovative, friendly, and fully configurable user interface and proven reliability make VEDA Automation one of the best and most versatile broadcast TV video automation solution.

VEDA Automation is also built-in our VEDA One & VEDA Duo integrated playout solutions (channel in a box).




An unique User eXperience

The VEDA Automation client is made for and with users. Customisable, it allows to optimize the operations by monitoring only the necessary information, reducing clicks and popups, on 1 or 2 screens.

A modern "flat design" and intuitive interface, clear, colored but not too much, with visible alerts.

VEDA Automation de diffusion


A media library to browse contents in VEDA, a powerful search tool with filters, a time-line showing primary and secondary events, several countdwons to see at a glance the next important event in all playlists managed by the VEDA client. Those are just examples how VEDA can facilitate your operations.


Interfaces VEDA automation


Powerful  interfaces

VEDA owns a set of powerful, standard or documented interfaces for third party applications: BXF for traffic, MOS for NRCS, SOA (webservices) for all third party systems and an unique “VEDA On Air Service” to expose in real time the content of current playlists.

It is also a catalog of more than 300 drivers available to control your equipments.










Medias easily accessible


Available on automation client, VEDA includes a large library including all playlist imported from a traffic system or created manually on VEDA client, filling-up playlists with filters, history of transmission,… From this library can be done simple drag & drop of single line, part or complete playlist in the current playlist.

Media Asset Management


Unique advanced features

Synchronised recording: live automatic recording from the playlist.

Audio shuffling: advanced managementof audio tracks. Manual or automatic selection of audio tracks to use for playout. Management of loudness value and audiotransitions.

Ad quota management: alerts for highlighting the ad quota overruns. Adapted to local regulation.

Blocks: Import, create, edit, modify playlists blocks to optimize the management of breaking news, advertising, …



iVEDA Automation


More mobility with iVEDA


iVEDA is a Web based tracking portal in real-time accessible on any device (computer, tablet, smartphone) using VEDA’s Web Services.


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