VEDA One & Duo solutions


The cost effective broadcast integrated playout solutions (channel in a box) with built-in server, automation & Media Asset Management (MAM) from 10K€




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Integrated Playout Solutions

(Channel in a box)


SGT acknowledges the need of TV broadcasters to continuously reduce operational cost and at the same time maintain high levels of reliability and flexibility. SGT introduces two new integrated playout solutions (channel in a box) that many existing systems do not provide at such the level of reliability and flexibility required in a single or multi-channel with 24/7 operation.

VEDA One and VEDA Duo integrated playout solutions combines the best of two worlds; a low-cost and standard IT integrated broadcast server up to 4 channels SD/HD combined with the reliability and flexibility of the renowned VEDA Automation software.

VEDA Automation is the result of more than 25 years of experience and is in use by more than 300 channels worldwide. The VEDA One and VEDA Duo server is controlled by the VEDA automation and VEDA Media Asset Management software plateforms as a controlable device which makes it very easy and fast to deploy.

The VEDA One and VEDA Duo server runs on standard IT hardware. It has been designed for an up to 4 SD/HD channels playout and up to 2 Ingest SD/HD channels. It internally stores up to 72 hours of HD clips, and comes with full Media Asset Management functionality, including a powerful search tool. Both solutions includes redundant storage with the capabality of external one. We also integrated CasparCG branding tool including latest innovations.

VEDA One from 10K€ is ideal for a low budget single channel playout while VEDA Duo from 20K€ is the evolutive multi-channels solution for more complex systems.

Extend your system "à la carte", thanks to VEDA Farm, the farming capability of VEDA One & VEDA Duo solutions.

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